Entry #33

New Grounds

2013-07-26 11:10:17 by Drainar

NOTE: the cartoons I've uploaded here were made when I was a little boy. It's been a long time since then, but I'm not deleting them. I want you all to know how much I love them, regardless of how much they might be, for lack of a better term, childish.

THE MAIN TOPIC: I'm back to tell you all how great you are. I'm also here to deal with the fanboy craze over "new Newgrounds toons." For those who don't know, in the old days of Newgrounds, expert Flash animators from across the Net swarmed in the collaborate on projects, compete with one another, discuss the artistic potentially of the technology at their disposal, and so on. Now, although it may be hard to notice, it's pretty much just "five stars if it's good" land around here. I don't mean to sound like a critic (I REALLY don't), but, in my opinion, the Greatest of All Time section of the site is horrendous in its present state, and I feel it can be improved significantly be slowly but surely eradicating the fanboy populace and bringing back the community of art loving nerds we once were.

If you'd like to join me in my conquest, let me know.



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2013-08-16 23:28:04

I'm glad you're not deleting them, it's always nice to look back at old work of yours. I hope you upload new content to show your progress. I miss the old content, now I see a bunch of people trying to be funny with retards and tits.